A Visual Movement

Style Shoots Ecommerce

StyleShoots Ecommerce

 Creating a streamlining process for the new developing E-commerce age.



  • Create stunning footage of your models for web, social media and signage in minutes. Stills. Video. All in one smart studio. 
  •  Create instant, perfect flat lay and mannequin product shots for eCommerce with automatic background removal
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Marketing strategies:

  • Create deals, collaborate or facilitate with square space/  Shopify/ magneto customers.
  • Create promotions for magic and New ecommerce customers 
  • Create promo packages for photographers who have clients with ecommerce to combine package strategies with lifestyle shoots.
  • Link up with studios such as FD, apex, milk, studios in dtla and create packages alongside with them to facilitate clientele.
  • advertise on facebook, instragram sponsord links, and buyer/ resellers conventions.

Pricing of use:

  • Pricing per sku and studio time. 
  • Have on call or onsite and stylist, makeup artist.

Future strategies

  • strategize by advancing thelight technology by implication of such as examples: aputure cob, new rotolight anova 2.
  • Camera technology such as thelight LS 16 or gh5. Advancement in camera technology will cheapen then process and demand.
  • Create a ultra portable solution where it can be set up as a whole package studio for consumer who want to start their own store from home or office.
  • lighting and smartphone integration example: godox A1
  • the use of USB-C and data solutions.
  • Commerce In VR and augmented Reality